TeraDev is a Dublin-based organisation committed to providing excellent technical IT expertise and services.

We are an innovative software development company with extensive industry experience, working with edge technologies, established IT processes and structured, agile methodologies to minimise cost, risk and complexities associated with software development services. We are a group of experts, providing a wide range of software development services that are customised to address the specific business needs of our clients.

We have an efficient development team, backed by qualified and talented engineers, consultants and experts deliver distinctive solutions that overcome your IT challenges, from assessment to design, planning and testing, with a rigorous understanding of your specific strategic and operational business demands.

At TeraDev software is our passion and we design robust, optimal, scalable enterprise software solutions that help customers innovate faster with lower risk. As a result, our customers can operate IT systems that bring together existing business applications with emerging technologies to meet their complex business goals.

Some of the technologies we employ are SharePoint, Azure, Power BI, Java and .NET.

Directors: Osvaldo Sousa, Derya Sousa
Name: TeraDev Software Solutions Ltd.
Registered Number: 535759