How routine policies and procedures in SharePoint were turned into a compelling user experience that led to a greater employee engagement

It doesn’t matter if you are a large company or a small start-up, truly caring about your employees and their engagement with standards is very important. It’s indeed beneficial for businesses to re-shape current systems, look for solutions where they can introduce standardisation mechanisms to bring more efficiency to business operations.

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A better way to present core procedures for induction and training

Mercury Engineering engaged with TeraDev Software Solutions to help them to build an innovative way of increasing employee engagement through project life cycles using visually enriched technologies.

Mercury Engineering is headquartered in Ireland, delivering complex engineering projects with 3,000 people working across 10 regions, holding a great profile in the Engineering world and are leading adopters of communication and collaboration technologies.

Mercury desired an enhanced way of presenting their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) & Templates across the project life cycles so that all project teams can follow the same path. Previously there wasn’t a standard way of managing core company procedures such as induction, controls, training. They were using folders and documents in SharePoint to display procedures and policies which wasn’t the most efficient way to accomplish their goal of providing a single point of access to all project teams and guiding them through a single path.

This new solution “The Mercury Way” was to play a key role in their induction process helping new hires to understand how Mercury do things and also to help current employees as they grow into new roles.

A visually enriched interface built on existing SharePoint investment

TeraDev has delivered a solution that led to a better way of presenting Mercury’s existing procedures and policies stored in their current SharePoint environment.

We were confident that an efficient way of achieving this was building an interface pointing to these thousands of documents without the need of changing their locations in SharePoint. Our objective was to deliver a method that is not only visually appealing but also has the functionalities to provide users easy access to find what they are looking for to start their project cycle journey.

The solution we have built is a visually enriched interface sitting on our clients’ SharePoint Intranet allowing users start and end their journey seamlessly in the same place. By a single click, a user is taken to The Mercury Way to access document templates they are looking for and start a project or onboard on an existing project from the point they should.

By pursuing this standardisation strategy, Mercury now has a seemingly faster and easier way to guide their employees through company standards. The more employees engage, the faster they operate saving time and costs. Furthermore, avoid ad-hoc employee communications and regulation failures.

See what Mercury has to say

Mercury’s Head of Innovation and Change Gary E. Widger championed the idea behind this initiative. He was aware of the need for a standard way of communicating to employees, guiding them through an effective way to follow company core procedures.

The Mercury Way
The Mercury Way

“The Mercury Way’s mission is to make it easy for our construction teams across many countries to follow the right operational procedures. The Mercury Way plays a central role in onboarding new hires and educating employees as they grow and aligns with our audits to ensure we are disciplined. But the most important goal of The Mercury Way is as we follow the same path when new innovations arise we all benefit.

Mercury collaborated with Teradev to develop The Mercury Way, our relationship was based on challenge and trust which ensured we delivered a better solution together. 

TeraDev helped translate our vision into a great user experience.”

Gary E. Widger


Get all employees to follow the same path to your company procedures

Companies are always looking for ways to improve engagement of their employees when it comes to enforcing standardisation of their operational procedures for two main reasons:

  1. It shows that you care about your company standards and efficiency.
  2. It gives everyone a chance to follow the same path to your core procedures and makes it easier for them to deliver their jobs.

If you are looking to bring company SOP’s to life, increase the engagement of your employees we can help you. With a brief call, we’ll assess your systems, understand your challenges, and determine how we can help you reach your goals.

We can promise that our team is ready and willing to spend the time needed to understand your unique needs to help you build your own way.

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